• This high performance DisplayPort cable has pure copper conductors, gilded connectors and protection against EM and RF interference, and signal transmission is stable and reliable.
  • Perfect for converting a device with the Displayport jack to a Monitor / TV screen with HDMI.
  • Supports max. DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI1.4b. Transmits audio (uncompressed) + video, at a maximum resolution of 4K UDH. Accepts 4D function
  • Built-in conversion chip, no external power source is required
  • It currently accepts transfer rates of up to 10.8 gbps
  • ATTENTION is uni-directional, DisplayPort must be the source device, not the output device! Works only from DisplayPort (laptop, PC video card, ...) to HDMI (monitor, tv, ...), NOT REVERSED
  • Length: 1.8M.
  • Packaging: Individual

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Cable DisplayPort (DP) -HDMI 4k, ACTIVE, 1.8m, male, copper conductor, golden connectors

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